Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday gift

A few days ago I was wandering around -ok, doing the WebQuest hunt- totally oblivious that I still wore my "Happy rezday to me!" tag, when something funny happened. I landed at a store called Spork, which was totally new to me. The store owner, GM Nikolaidis, was there and welcomed me singing "Happy rezday" off-key... we had a short conversation and I was pleasantly surprised by his sense of humour. To boot, he ended up sending me a gift voucher (despite me telling him it had been weeks ago), so I decided to take a look around anyway and pick a piece, just to see whether their clothing was any good.

My choice was the Flight dress, and I let GM pick a colour for me, so that it would be a surprise gift... and yay! he picked blue, which turns out to be my favourite colour. Textures, layers, originality... Spork is definitely on my list of places to get back to. In fact, after trying on the dress I decided to return in order to get one of the "expansion packs" of the dress, the Midi skirt - since I knew I'd feel more comfortable with a longer skirt length.

More stuff. Want to hear some good news? I had been drooling over Keris' shoes from Kalnins every time he bought a new pair, so when he told me they've started making women's shoes and forwarded me the notice, I nearly threw a party. It's not just that the sandals (Coquette) are awesomely well done, but that, instead of releasing a gazillion different colours and making you choose one, or charging a fortune for a fatpack, they only do one pair, with a colour change script, and sell it at a very reasonable price (500L if you're not a gold card member, half that if you are). Besides a ton of options (resizing, sounds, a footlight [!], etc.), the script lets you recolour 4 shoe parts separately, so all in all, for 500L you get... 4... 8... 12... umm... many! different shoe combinations. (Edit: Keris did the calculations, and fyi, there are 14641 variations) *faints*

*Gets up again* All right, time to finish. Other items shown above are: Alexis skin by Laqroki; Truth's new freebie hair, Jess; Miriel eyes and lashes (by the way: this is terribly sad), and the Shiny Things Glass Chunk necklace and double bracelet. Poses are from Reel Expression, if I recall correctly.

As usual, here's the full outfit credits.

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