Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, Mama!

In my country (Spain) we celebrated Mother's Day one week earlier that almost everyone else - it's always on the first Sunday of May for us. So, while everyone else was celebrating with their mums, I got away from my family for the weekend. Of course, as is customary whenever there's any special day on SL, I came back to a ton of notices that were doomed to getting lost. I could, however, rescue an important one saying that Nicky Ree had a special Mother's Day gift, available only until 12th May. Lookit!

It is, of course, not me but the dress, Satin Shine Floral Gown in blue. As is usual with Nicky Ree's designs, it comes with two different skirt options, but I'm only showing the ballgown one in the picture because I suffer from that common SL disease, called bigbummitis.

I guess I could have worn prim feet with this one, because surely no one would have noticed a skin colour mismatch. However, I opted for rescuing a pair sandals from last season, which I think picked up nicely on the purples and blues on the gown - they're Sasy Chic in Tulipe, from Aphrodite Creations. Also the delicate jewellery, from Dark Mouse, echoed the blue on the dress. They're the Spring Flowers earrings and necklace in silver, plus the Aquamarine Chunk Bracelet, also in silver.

The skin is an old favourite, a Vogue from Celestial Studios - although I had my doubts, because the new group gift from Rockberry (Uma) matched very nicely, too, also with purple smoky eyes. But I guess I've been changing skins so much lately that I liked the idea of getting back to a classic. The hair is ETD's Tiana, eyes and lashes are from Miriel and poses are from the Reel Expression "Party dress" set.

Full outfit credits, here.

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