Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birds in Hand: Grace, Octavia & Hogarth

Sometimes events conspire as did my desire for Octavia [after Cajsa blooged this Evie's Closet dress], PXL Creations' Grace with the Flamenco lips and Karl5 Hogarth's pearl earrings, which I have wanted for eons in RL.

I had the skin and the dress. The skin is from Hart Larsson's PXL Creations, specifically Grace Fair with Cat Eyes and Flamenco lips. Octavia in red is one of the sale items at Evie's Closet--on the back wall if you can get by the cupcake hordes. But when I saw the earrings on Flickr --well I knew what was going to happen. Karl5 was nice enough to drop them and the mesh bracelets on me so I could show them to you. Both are lovely work, but, for me, the earrings come so close to a RL desire that I was whimpering softly. The gold mesh basket cups the pearl orb... well you get the idea. And the pearls pick up the pearl decoration on the Octavia bodice. If the REAL Octavia had worn this dress I promise you that Marc Anthony would not have given Cleopatra a second look!

Hair: ETD Loraine 2 in Auburn

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