Friday, May 29, 2009

Windows of the soul

In my previous blog post, I commented very briefly -in fact, I only posted the link- on the announcement that Miriel is closing down for good. I felt, however, that such news required further acknowledgement. So here's a full blog post... kind of my elegy. The jewellery is great, granted, because it's all scripted and you can choose the gems you want to wear and always match your outfit. However, Miriel has been the staple store for me in terms of eyes.

Eyes are an item that gets ignored every now and then; in fact, I have more than once thought to myself "I wonder where those eyes are from" when reading a blog post. I always do make a point in saying that the eyes I show in my pictures are from Miriel, but I'm just as guilty of not saying which exact ones they are. If you go back to my first blog post in February (I'm not expecting anyone to really go, it's just a trope), they were already there, and so were the lashes; in fact, a quick look at my Flickr informs me that my addiction dates back to August 2008, and since I turned to Miriel, I've never looked back.

The reasons are many. But if I had to make it short - I guess I'd say they're soulful eyes. They're so well made that they have a life of their own. I must admit I'm fussy about eyes: many times I've heard people say that X creator's are the best, but when I try them on it takes me 0.5 seconds to find fault and get back to good old Miriels. Also, I don't want to settle for just any shade of green, there's always a specific one on my mind, and Miriel has it. In fact, such versatility allows me to change my eye colour depending on my mood - and my clothes, why not. Sam took me there the first time, and I've kept going back for more. When I was there to get assorted one last time yesterday, it was sad to think it will soon be gone.

Ok, let the violin music stop and the pictures speak for themselves. Here is a selection of my favourite eyes from Miriel (I labelled the images themselves to avoid messing up, if you want to see each row separately, they're available here):

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Samara Barzane said...

Yes Miriel eyes are the standard. And on top of that she's a lovely avi :)