Saturday, June 20, 2009


OK, so I am slow blogging these two wonderful items. The week before last my inworld experience was filled with all things of the goldfish kind.

First I went to SUGARCUBE and bought the goldfish dress in Orange. Wow! What a dress! The spaghetti strapped vest top has a wonderful asymmetric design over the bust. This then flows into a flexi skirt which is a masterpiece of layering, opacity, colour and structure. The whole effect reminds one of goldfish fins and tails. The dress moves like a dream and is so fun to wear.

To go with this I chose Fleur Allure Truffle Audacious 1, along with Cake - Faith - Silver. (Miriel) Eyes - Honey (Big) and SKGShoes Marie FH Pointed Pump Orange complete the look.

I shot this at The Rau Cave Dive site

My second is, I think, a slifestyle change…lol. I found all 3 treasure at Fallen Gods, on the LWTCB hunt. I admit, for the last one I had a little help from a friend. The whole ‘oufit’ is what I could only describe as a ‘Goldfish God’ ensemble. The very carefully positioned scales come on several clothing layers…which is fun as it allows you to add your own skin of choice. In addition to this ‘clothing’ are head, arm and leg fin attachments…all based on goldfish. To complete, there is also an arm amulet. The clothing textures are beautifully done, subtle shading, colouring and scaling make this whole outfit bind together. The fins are brilliant again in the texturing. They shimmer.

I had to think on the skin and I finally settled on the LionSkins Forbidden 14. Although probably not what the outfit creator nor the skin creator originally thought this a use for I think its perfect. It has that skin toned pink grey colour, setting off the scales and fins. The face isn’t perfect with discolouring around 1 eye..this too sets off the goldfish ensemble. A single vertical red line bisects the lips…the skin isn’t human and I do think it compliments the look.

Hair is ETD Resilient – Auburn and eyes are (Miriel) Eyes - Copper Cat (Big).

I shot this at Fallen Gods just out in the little cove.

I love both of this outfits for very different reasons. I am sure I will find opportunities to wear both time and again…lol.

Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Audacious 1
Hair: Cake - Faith - Silver - Flexi Hair
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Honey (Big)
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - Goldfish Dress [ orange ]
Shoes: SKGShoes Marie FH Pointed Pump Orange

Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: forbidden 14-LionSkins
Hair: ETD Resilient - Auburn
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Copper Cat (Big)Outfit:
Fallen Gods Inc. GOLDFISH female from LWTCB hunt


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What a cute lil fishy you make

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