Friday, June 5, 2009

The lion didn't sleep the past few months

When you leave SL for a few months, as I did, it's amazing to see how fast things change around here. Designers gone, LM's useless, even entire sims disappeared,... to name just a few things.
So thank heaven for those good "old" values that do stick around and keep on dazzling me.

One of these goodies is LionSkins. A few weeks ago when I said hi to Lion on my return to this crazy second world, she right away had some great news. She was working hard to get ready to open her brand new Main Store and introduce a new exclusive skinline.

And I can tell you the store looks great and the new "Doll House Skins" are amazing!
I hope you all had the chance to see the Doll show this last Saterday, cause it was spectacular (even my multiple crashes didn't stop me from seeing that :).

The pictures enclosed here are a few of my favorites of the new line. I don't think I have ever changed skins so often, I want to wear each one of them aaaall the time!!

Hugs, Noena

PS: the new main store of LionSkins is at Smaug (145,206,38)

First picture
- skin: LionSkins-Dollhouse 17
- hair: Detour Rhapsody II - black

Second picture
• left
- skin: LionSkins-Dollhouse 22
- hair: Naughty Lucy - black pearl
• right
- skin: LionSkins-Dollhouse 16
- hair: Naughty Maya II - black pearl

Third picture
• left
- skin: LionSkins-Dollhouse 19
- hair: ETD Abigail - black
• right
- skin: LionSkins-Dollhouse 24
- hair: ETD Deidra - black


Samara Barzane said...

Wonderful to have you back blogging Noena--we missed you a LOT!

Chance Greatrex said...

wow I love each and everyone of those face shots! Wonderful photos! Thx! The lighting and the blur effect really make the skin show so well! :)

Elaine Lisle said...

*waves at Noena*
Welcome back, and awesome pictures!

Fury said...

welcome back look fabulous!

Noena Merlin said...

Thank you for the lovely comments everyone!
And it's good to be back :)