Sunday, June 7, 2009

A "Lulu" of a Design from Michami

One of the things I like best about Milla Michinaga's designs for her Michami label, apart from the beautifully done textures, is the versatility of the outfits. There are always multiple layers and several options, as here in the Lulu Jumpsuit, which comes with two different belts, black and beige. I'm wearing the latter. I am also enamoured of the sculpty leg and arm bits--very well done indeed!

Milla's clothes are always very sophisticated, so for the skin I am wearing an older Celestial Studios Deviant Nation Vamp-Beguile in Champagne. In this case "old" is new when worn with Lulu. Hair is ETD Sarah in Blonde. My shoesies are the *cough* Stiletto Moody Pinup (Grey Patent Python). Necklace is from Milla's about to be neighbor on the Muse sim [once she moves in], Lucas Lameth. It is his Gaea necklace in Lucite & Quartz, a lovely foil for the muted Lulu colors.

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