Monday, June 8, 2009

More Ivalde Goodness

Following up Fury's and Sam's posts about Ivalde, it didn't take me long to decide which pieces created by Neferia Abel I wanted to show as my favourites. The first one, the Arsinoe Egyptian Princess Gown, has a very special significance for me - originally it is not sold as a wedding gown, but it was in fact the dress I wore for my partnering party with Keris. I liked (and chose) it because of its simplicity, as I didn't really want to look like Bridezilla, but at the same time I wanted to wear something that honoured the day.

All of the items, except the skin (Tuli's Hope Natural, a group gift) and eyes (Miriel's Emerald), are the ones I originally wore for the partnering: ETD's Eva hair, Cascade Diamond earrings from JCNY, Star necklace in white from Alienbear Designs and White silver stiletto slingback pumps from SKG Shoes.

My second choice gets voted as the most fantastic period gown I own. I originally bought the Liza Blue Vintage Promgown for a ball that was going to be celebrated at the Land of Lincoln sim and which never took place (for reasons unknown to me), so this beauty and my Southern Belle persona were folded back into my inventory, awaiting a chance to get shown off - so I guess this is it. As I cropped the pics I realised, though, that the skirt totally guarantees the preservation of your personal space by a couple square metres... so I may reconsider and wear it to the next sale (coughs).

Anyway, besides the dress, in the picture I'm wearing Tuli's Hope Natural skin, again (warning: once you try it on, you'll never be able to get off it); ETD's Roslin updo and Miriel's Cool Shimmer eyes and Teardrop Earrings in Antique Gold (free! hurryhurry!). The shoes are the same ones I wore with the first outfit - but unless you've got some extraordinary superpower, I can't really prove it.

This said, I would also like to wish Nef a prompt recovery from her health issues and send my hopes that she will be able to get back and fill the grid with her beautiful designs soon. Get well soon, Nef.

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Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Lovely Post Elaine! :)

~ Ketsy