Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer of Love

Warning: Yet another weather-driven post!
I've totally embraced summer clothes in RL by now, which translates into a turn towards hippie-ish styles in-world. After having a look around the feeds I realise I'm not the only one... would this just be an excuse to wear skimpy clothes without feeling embarrassed or slutty? Mayhaps. But this is not a psychoanalysis post, so let's talk about the clothes!

This ensemble was born with the Asian Tunic from Kurotsubaki, one of those charming (not so little) Japanese stores where you end up spending a whole lot of lindens before blinking. (I warned you!) The tunic comes in two different lengths, and although I can't remember 100% sure which one I used on the pictures (that's how long they've been waiting to be blogged!), but I'd say it's the short version, which looks more like a vest. Underneath it, to give some extra coverage and diminish skimpiness, I used a simple white tank, the Simple White Tank (teehee) by TorridWear, an old freebie that comes in very handy as a basic piece for anyone's wardrobe. The shorts, called Autumn, are from Twosome, another little store worth discovering (and raiding, since they have quite a few low-price, high-quality items).

I must apologise for repeating shoes (the Coquettes from Kalnins); this doesn't mean I've definitely stopped shoe-shopping (god forbid!), but that I'm still trying out the 14,641 different colour combinations... I'm hoping to be done soon. The bangles are from Yak & Yeti, a Nepalese-themed freebie store whose main store had to close down when the new Openspace policies were introduced. They might have their satellite stores still in operation, though... I'll do some in-world research and report back.

The other items shown are Maitreya's Apple hair, Tuli's exclusive Faith "The Deck" skin (drools), Miriel's Quiet Green eyes and Feather lashes. [Edit: Poses are from Imperial Elegance and Striking Poses.]

For the whereabouts of Yak & Yeti and the tunic version details, follow this link.

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