Friday, June 19, 2009

I want to be a princess...

... every time I buy a new gown at Evie's Closet.

I've been wanting to blog these pieces forever, but there was always something else that came up and skipped the queue. So, it's about time I talked about Evie's Closet, probably the best place to go for those interested in period gowns, but also a very interesting landmark for those who just like good quality clothing in general, since their creator, Evangeline Miles, has an incredible eye for detail. Each of these beauties is absolutely flawless, worth every single L$ you pay for it. On a first impression they might seem a bit pricy, but at around 500L apiece, considering the probable amount of time it took to create these gowns, I'd say every single linden is justified. Some gowns include extras in the pack, such as modesty undershirts, different sleeve options, and even a wreath in the case of Aria. But I'd say, even without those bonuses, these gowns stand all by themselves. On the pictures I tried to capture the flow of the skirts on the less poofy ones, but I failed miserably -- it takes seeing them in motion to really understand how skilfully done they are.

Watch and drool, if you feel so inclined... (
hands tissues)

I had to stuff a lot of images on this post, so please click on them to view the large versions.

Meanwhile I'll pray to the Blogger gods so that the formatting stays in place and my order makes sense.

First, top left is the
Aria Gown in teal, which may be familiar to some because the white version was given away as a group gift a while ago. What I like most about this gown is the texturing -- the satin on the skirt has a glow that is just right. Also, the skirt -- oh the skirt -- is one of those that makes you want to dance just to see it in motion. The gown comes with both long and short sleeve versions, as well as a modesty undershirt and a wreath, so you really can't ask for more.

Next, Top right is
Romany Kiss, again previously distributed as a gift (this time, for everyone) in a special colour version. It was actually the first Evie gown to go into my inventory (at some clothing fair ages ago, I think) and I instantly fell in love with it. Anyway, the colour shown here is Passion. What can I say about it, other than that the top is beautifully textured with embroidery, which matches the belt, the skirt flows and the sleeves fit like a glove? Nothing, I guess!!

Bottom left is the
Chimera Gown in Onyx. This one also came with a modesty undershirt, which matches with the sleeves, picking up on the colour of the skirt and adding some extra texture detail, but I so loved the fit of the decolletage that I went without. The corset is a must-see, and the delicate beaded belt just adds win to the whole outfit.

Finally, bottom right is the
Aurora Gown in Green. This one has me in awe: it came with a system skirt, which I initially disregarded (as I generally tend to do) -- big mistake!! When I put it on I realised that Evie has cleverly turned the extra layer into an essential element, that is, a belt! If you look at the picture closely, it's the darker green piece that covers the hips -- it covers up the area where the skirt is attached, and thus the corset and the skirt, which are a different colour, are beautifully joined.

As to the rest of the outfit, for all the pictures I used Tuli's Hope June 2009 Picks Reward special skin (what, you don't have it yet? gogogo!!); Truth's Sehra hair, which allowed me (
yay!!) to match the flower to the different outfit colours (purple with Aria, invisible with Romany kiss, grey with Chimera and lime with Aurora). Eyes are Miriel's Cool Shimmer, lashes are Glamour from Miriel too, and jewellery is Eolande's Picks Rewards Gift #5 (oops, I forgot to collect 2 to 4), the Pearl Valentine set. Shoes are Maitreya's Slinky Stilettos (believe it or not), and poses, Reel Expression's Party Dress set.

Details and slurls on my flickr, to clear up any likely mess.

And with this, I bid my farewell for a couple of weeks. Be well, ciao!!

[Edit: I just read on Miriel's blog that the sim is going to disappear tomorrow, so if you don't have all the eyes yet, run get them!]

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