Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why I Love Ivalde -- Part II

First I am wearing 2 dresses from different Ivalde periods. On the left is Charlotte, one of the 2007 Advent goodies. What is so amazing here is the detailed design and embroidery, which also extends to the back of the bodice. The skirt fits and moves beautifully. The only flaw is a bit of alpha conflict in the skirt. My shoes are the Periquita S-Steps in Yellow. They have the same acidity as the dress, edging towards a tinge of green.

On the right is the citified, yet feminine, Margaretha with a gray frill-edged system skirt and a teal peplum overblouse closed at the throat with a bar pin. It's those kinds of details that make Ivalde's clothes so complete. Shoes are ETD Starley in Teal. Skin for both shots is PXL Creations Grace Natural Cat-eye with Flamenco lips and freckles. Mt hair in both shots if Truth's Linda in Auburn and Carrot I believe

Above is Sigrid -- Nef's generous gift to us at the new Retrology store. For some reason I couldn't fit the long skirt to my satisfaction. So, instead, I slid the baby doll skirt down a bit and voilĂ , a lovely cocktail length dress. Note again the jewel detail at the throat and decolletage--beautiful work indeed! The texture as well as the fluttery stand-up sleevelets are further evidence of the quality that is Ivalde. Skin and shoes are the same as above and my hair is Truth's Luna in Auburn.

Thank you Nef for creating such wonderful clothes to wear for us. Take care of yourself --and when you are ready, please come back :)

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