Friday, January 11, 2008

All in a good cause II

With friends like this ...

My good friend Tricia Aferdita is dancing on a table at the Harmony Cafe in the Cetus Gallery District. She also seems to have a flashlight in her hand. You may ask why on either count. I can only answer the first -- Cetus is supporting the organization in New Orleans that helps the artists made homeless by Katrina. Tricia said she'd dance on a table if the contributions got to L$ 2000. I heard later she danced in a bikini -- I guess that was for L$ 3000 ? It was a great night in Cetus -- good music by Aron McBride and plenty of goofiness to go around.

Another friend of mine, Bree, bought this rubber ducky on a recent shopping binge we enjoyed. She looks absolutely mahvelous I think!

No real fashion notes here except to note the option of a flashlight as a "must-have" accessory ;) Oh -- And Bree is wearing the new ribbon-tie boot by Shiny Things.

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