Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sam's Experiments

They wouldn't let me in the chemistry lab in high school so ... at least in SL I can "experiment" and it's only pixels. One of the pleasures of the, now-ended, ETD sale was that, for those prices, I COULD experiment. So here they are!

On the left: AJ in Cinnamon -- I usually look for short hair as a lot of long or "big" hair swallows my avi, but for some reason I had never seen AJ in the flexi section. It was love at first flutter.

Middle: I got the Jasmin demo to show a customer and thought hmmm ..... YES! I love the bangs and the top-knotty feeling.

Right: I accidentally bought Resilient when I was trying to buy AJ -- not sure it's for me -- I may need to resize a bit, but nothing ventured ... you know the saying LOL

The jewelry is Nereid by Tekeli-li. The skin is one made by a colleague. Not sure it's going to be released, but I'm quite attached to it atm -- especially the little smattering of freckles :)

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