Monday, September 28, 2009

Fair Warning!

When I headed to the Skin Fair now going on at the KMADD Events sim to pick up demos, there was one skin I knew I wanted. That was Tuli's Bella Natural in Fair. Tuli had been kind enough to send demos out to her inworld group so I could just buy on the spot.

Having secured that I struggled through the lag to League, Pink Fuel &, finally, Curio, where I made an expensive mistake:( I accidentally BOUGHT a Vixen skin in Sundust, rather than getting the demos. It's a lovely skin, but I was leaning towards Breeze II in Petal. So my "warning" is ... make VERY sure it's the demo box that you're clicking :( Particularly in the gray lag sea of the fair.

First up is what I came for, the Tuli Bella and boy is she!! The modeling, the freckles make Bella a combination of wise and innocent. I'm wearing Adam n Eve's Dorsal in Aqua. The textures make this a very elegant dress. My hair is ETD Tyra in Auburn Burnt, a great low lag "do" for fairs. On my feet are the Zhao Precious Silver, which are color change and very useful with dress-up clothes or lingerie. My jewelry is all posts is from Dark Mouse. In all except the last picture it's Divine Deco in Gold.

Next up is my "mistake", Vixen Pure in Sundust. It photographs better than it looks on me inworld, but the gloss on the right is quite wearable. And it never hurts to have a few suntans in your inventory. On the left I am wearing Last's Call's Elizabeth [Diva] in RED. This is also elegant, but verry slinky. On the right it's Adam n Eve again, my namesake dress, Samara, in Apple. It comes in many luscious colors and has a lingerie option that is pretty hot.

The Curio I had originally wanted was Breeze 2. I gritted my teeth and robbed my "bank alt" because Breeze 2 Mudslide in Petal was irresistable. Both of the makeups suit. If you don't know, Curio offers you two related skintones, two makeups and freckle or not for the 1k they cost. So when everything suits, it's a real deal! I'm wearing another Last Call, the Bass dress, which was one of my first purchases from LC back at one of their sales in early 2007. Shoes are Adam n Eve's Babii in Black. These shoes are so smooth that they should be illegal. Jewelry remains Dark Mouse, this time Vintage Marcasite in Silver. Hair is a new favorite Fastball in Pyre that I picked up at the Exile sale.

And to close, a blast from the past. My first good skin was Gala Sparse Medium. It looks pretty bare now, but it was my skin for many months. I use it now to adjust eyelashes :) On the right is my second good skin, Gala Shale in Medium. I can see the development trajectory and, in many cases, progress in skins, but the softness and perfection of these have a lovely innocence about them. I wear the Shale from time to time because I adore that mouth and the shading. Sometime "old" is "as good as new."

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