Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jaydie for Hope

When our good friend, Jaydie Sapeur, heard what had happened to Rebel Hope and RH Engel, she went out and bought Rebel's beautiful Ginger dress She dropped me a picture and I asked if I could blog it. So here is Jaydie, who has known Rebel for donkey-eons, looking totally fabulous in Ginger by Rebel Hope Designs.

There is good news though as Linden Labs has apparently stepped up to the plate and deleted the stolen content from the grid.

Jaydie's details:
Skin: Adam n Eve Pandora in Primrose
Hair: Truth - Elizabeth 2 in Burgandy
Eyes: Burrough's
Jewerly: RH Engel - Prey Platinum
Dress: Rebel Hope - Ginger Gold
Shoes: EarthStones - Lalika Sandals in Cirrus

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