Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humming along...

This post could also be titled "I (heart) Beaning Canning." As well as "I (heart) Samara Cioc. The reasons will be come clear :)

The post started with the check gauze shirt in blue from ::humming::, which came to my attention via Beanie's blog, Beanie Loves Japan, a resource for all of us who enjoy the Japanese creators in SL, but lack the language skills or time to seek out what Beanie so generously shares with us. The texture and collar are totally sweet. I paired the shirt with the Whippet & Buck Stein tailored shorts in Indigo and my favorite summer soles, SueShoo in White from Periquita.

My poses are from [pda] aka Penny Dreadful Arcade. Samara Cioc's poses are full of quirkiness with many drawing on film imagery. It was fun to break out of the modeling pose range for this outfit. So many thanks to Beanie and Samara :)

Other details:
Earrings: Retro Daisies from Dark Mouse
Hair: Olivia in Henna from Amacci
Skin: Parfait 1 in Strawberry from Fleur [only at their Rue D'Antibes store]

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Beanie Canning said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Samara. That's very sweet of you.

Those shirts are just wonderful, aren't they? These little shops like Humming are such treasures.

Glad you found something you liked :-)