Sunday, September 27, 2009

There is Hope

My rl has been overwhelmed by a new job so I haven’t been inworld much of late. As such I missed most of what has happened to Rebel Hope. I still wanted to post something, so apologies for it being late, here it is...

It seems there is hope for creators who are victims to content theft and hopefully the justice served in this case will just be the start.

My heart went out to Rebel Hope and RH Engel, to have all their creations stolen, and so blatantly, must be devastating. Here I want to show just how creative and talented they are by showing one of their costumes…. Rebel Hope Designs, Cleopatra.

The detail in design and texture is wonderful in both clothes and jewellery. The addition of props and a pose pure genius.

Thank you Rebel Hope for your imagination and creativity. Hopefully this horrid situation will pass and your work will continue to flourish.


Costume: Rebel Hope Designs, Cleopatra
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_EthnicBijouSandals_Turquoise_

Location: Egypt City of Thebes Rules

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