Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Support of Rebel Hope & RH Engel

You can read the ugly details of the stealing of these two fine creators' work here.

I don't have the audience of a Tenshi or the ability to make them whole again, but what I CAN show you are some of their creations that I paid for with my own lindens. That's MY way of saying that stealing content is WRONG. And stealing a person's livelihood is beneath contempt.

The work is beautiful. Go and buy all you can at the store please! Don't let the immoral lowlife slugs of this world win.

I'll have more styling details later, but the three dresses designed by Rebel Hope I am showing you are: Trouble, Celebration and Bacarra. With the last dress I am wearing RH Engel Jewelry - Prey Platinum.

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Anonymous said...

great post sam... and I HAVE to get Trouble as soon as I get a break... it has my name on it :D

I second this... go buy things!!!