Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Dreams ...

Estelle Parnell's new Glamazon Monique corset and feather skirt in blue is an amazing concoction of feathers and laces. You get three very different light and feathery skirts. In the middle image I am wearing the glitch pants for the closed skirt because I wanted you to see just how feathery the feathers are and how careful Estelle has been with the details, even those you don't see.

Jori Watler, of Pretties has taken to jewelry design with as much éclat as she did to shoes. Her new brand, > alaMood <, will open soon. Keep an eye out! This is the Alkahi Dew Choker & earrings.

Other details:
(Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps - black with blue bows [color change]
PXL Creations-Kim Natural Spring/Red
fri.day Allison in Jealous Red

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