Saturday, September 12, 2009

Siren Sam

When sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve asked on Plurk if any blogger would like to review her new exotic skin, Siren, I thought what the heck. So I'm normally pale and redheaded -- let's give this a try. And I have to say that Siren is pretty amazing.

The face modeling is a bit dramatic, with a very small beauty mark. I photographed the Berry & Cherry makeups as they suited my avi better than the naturals. I wore my usual eyes and hair colors. I tried the darkest tone on first and was stunned. VERY different, but still Sam. For me Tones 2 & 3 are very wearable so expect to see me wandering around for a bit in them :) I love the eyeshadow on both Berry & Cherry. Thanks to sachi for letting me see Sam in a new and lovely light!

Top l/r: Siren Tone 1 Berry [ETD Jasmine]; Siren Tone 2 Berry [Truth Ivy]; Siren Tone 2 Cherry [Truth Ivy]

Bottom l/r: Siren Tone 3 Berry [ Allison]; Siren Tone 3 Cherry [ Allison]; Siren Tone 4 Berry [Armidi Pasadena Girl]

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