Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ready and Willing for L'Abel

When Neferia dropped these dresses on me I was ready and willing to give them a try:) What I am able to say now is that these two dresses, Emelie and Mellie, are 1,000 times more wonderful than they are "on the rack"

The store displays do NOT do these two dresses credit. The textures and prims are really well done, as is the system skirt for Emelie. Mellie comes with its own gloves and Emelie has a silver bolero with the most adorable buttons up the back.

Also wearing:
ETD D'Orsay stilettos in black
Mussed jewelry set by Dark Mouse
Exile Fastball hair in pyre
PXL Creations Grace Natural Cateyes/Flamenco lips with freckles

1 comment:

Sere said...

I agree! Nef's creations are always stellar, first class quality! You look amazing!