Friday, September 18, 2009

Pink and punk... with a hint of Asian!

I haven't done a proper "freebie post" for a while, and it's about time. But this one's about freebies of a special kind, meaning you can't just go grab them at the stores - they need some extra work.

First of all, the dress... oh the dress. When Miko Omegamu of *Icing* released Chinoiserie, I was in sighs at its gorgeousness, but then I was a bit disappointed that it would only be available in red - since a flame red dress on my redheadedness would be, I think, redness overload. However, hope sprung in my heart when I saw this newer release, Imperial Blossom, a more casual redux of the first one. The version I'm wearing for the pics is the special edition available through Miko's lucky chair - although, of course, those who are not terribly into waiting for their letter to come up (or into pink) can just hop over to the vendor and buy it, as it can be purchased normally, too.

When I tried it on, however, I knew I was in danger of doing girly or über-cute... and since sometimes I prefer to go the hard way, I decided right away that some black leather would be the ideal way of accessorising pink silk - so I rescued my much-used
ETD Leather Ring Wristband. But... (Recurring dilemma!) What about the shoes? Oh yes! Perfect! Just last month was the Creators Stamp Rally, in which I participated and got a few nice gifts. I hadn't put my rewards to good use yet, among them the *COCO* Ankle Wrap Wedges, so I tried them on and... voilà, just the desired effect!

Continuing with the Asian theme of the dress and of the CSR hunt, I chose a slightly messy bun on my hair, Cassie in Jealous Red from the sale (but - argh - I forgot to add a couple of chopsticks). Tuli had of course included the perfect makeup for this colour combo in the Hope fatpack - it's called Avenue, with a subtle green eyeshadow and glossy pink lips. I can't get enough of these skins. The eyes (in the exact shade of the eyeshadow) are Miriel's Strong Green, with Glamour lashes.

Poses, as per usual, are
Long Awkward Pose's - much to my disappointment, I couldn't make it to the Poop Hunt this year, but I hope those of you who went got bucketloads of shite.

Large view, full details and slurls, here.

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Samara Barzane said...

Wonderful post! Nice to have a description of your process:)