Friday, January 23, 2009

Bunnehs <3 PixelDolls Too!

This post is part of the attempt to spread bunneh joy all over the pixelated fashion world.

Since I didn't have the CSR bunneh-I asked for special dispensation to use my Kani Bunny from Uchi Desmoulins of Curious Inc. and it was granted. I adore the Mocha Kani, mostly for the lovely pink on the interior of the bunny ears. It also comes with a HUD to control your ears and other options.

This particular Kani Bunny seems to have been to the PixelDolls L$50 dress sale. From left to right my bunneh is wearing PixelDolls' Star Vine in Violet, Icecicle in Silver and the Ghost minidress in Blue. Among the problems encountered were a conflict between my bunneh tail and the two prim skirts, so I just attached the tail to a different point. This is a common issue with furry avis and, in most cases, the tail is easier to redo than the skirt ;)

Hair is SHY48 from Boon in honey and blonde. Since my bunneh comes already furred there is no skin credit ;) And while furries sometimes drop the paws for shoes, I thought I'd let my lil mocha Kani be her natural self! The shape is modified from the one that comes with the avatar, mostly to reduce bewbage.


Achariya Rezak said...

Oh, that's wonderful. You three look sexxeh 0_0 -- somehow the bunny just sets off the cute curviness of the frocks...damn, don't turn me into a furry !

Fury said...

Cute, cute, cute bunneh...oh there's dresses too??? lol