Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in January

Roslin and CJ gave each of the Fleur staff a custom skin for the Holidays. I received mine yesterday and it was well worth waiting for! I had fallen in love with the new Shojo skintone, Azalea, which retains the Shojo combination of powder and glow, so knew that was where I would start. I LOVE the coral lips from the Shojo DNB 1 so that was my next step. Then the question was -- what eyes? I ended up selecting the purple/indigo eyeshadow from the Nicky Ree collaboration skin, Elizabeth, and I have to say I am totally smitten with the result :) Thank you soooooo much :)

I'm wearing one of the first tops I bought from Chic Boutique way back when. I always loved the cable stitching and the soft bow. The jeans are Kari's John Doe. My jewelry is Violet Voltaire's Girl Germs Cameo Set: Spider. Hair is ETD's Patootie in auburn burnt.


Fury said...

Pretty, pretty...good choice Sam :)

Noena Merlin said...

I agree :)