Monday, January 19, 2009

In Awe of PixelDolls

I was first introduced to PixelDolls by my friend [and fellow blogger], Fury, when I was looking to buy my first "good" dress. I ended up getting one from Simone, but have, since then, spent my share of time at Chartreuse and now, Port Seraphine. The styles haven't always suited me, but I have collected a few pieces over the past year and a half. I had also picked up a 2005 PD dress named Josette at a yard sale. which I blogged earlier.. So when the L$50 Dress Sale was announced I was there in a flash.

And, after several visits and a full exploration I realized that the history of PixelDolls was there, including some old PixelMuse items at L$10! The one that caught my attention was MetaLilly- Sunset, clearly a fantasy outfit, but rather wonderfully surprising. What look like leg attachments are, in fact a system skirt. And, no they don't disappear near transparent items. Nor do they need to be adjusted. The shoes are also appropriately vintage, prim shoes from Sylfie Minogue's Prim Seduction, the Essential Stilettos in Gold. The hair is Noel in honey from Analog Dog and this DOES have alpha issues. Just remember not to stand in front of a big window ;) My skin is Fleur Allure Kitten 3 in Truffle. As you can see from the gold design that spills off the top and pants onto the body, no jewelry was needed.

Once I realized I was looking at history I turned my attention to the earlier system skirts and liked what I saw. I DID get Josette in a second color, but I'm showing you Amourette instead. between the pleated hem, the fill in on the bodice and the square plunging back, this dress is a good one for that evening out, when you don't want to drag primmage around. The textures are simple, but effectively done. I'm wearing ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Emerald, Analog Dog's Mia in Cherry and an old LC Covet necklace, Arinne, that is no longer available. Fleur Allure Winter Nights 3 in Truffle finishes the outfit.

The PixelDolls sale is a "don't miss", if only to acquire some pieces of SL(tm) fashion history.

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