Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unaccustomed as I am ...

... to wearing hair or skin from anyone other than ETD or Fleur, I'm doing so for today's mashup.

It started with the hair from Analog Dog. It's the first short style I've seen from then that I really like, although I actually had to stretch it to make the hairline work for me. [Usually their hair swallows me whole.] The style is Mia and I'm wearing it in Cherry I think. [I'm one of those whose login is currently blocked for inventory maintenance. Now if I could just get them to organize it for me LOL]

As did half the grid I think, I wandered over to the Aoharu sale. Did some serious damage in shoes, looked at the clothes and they still weren't for me. But I'd never looked at their skins before so off I trotted down the sim to Aoharu2. I fell for Lisa Pinky Eye for its eyeshadow and blush. The body detail isn't super, but then that face did me in. And at half-price why not?

Rest of the mashup is the Trixie cami in Wisteria from Celestial Studios, Violet Voltaire's No Love Lost necklace, Michami's cigarette pants from the Joanie outfit in black and without their delicious prim cuffs. The cuffs from the pants conflicted with my orginal boots so I just made myself some matching socks. Shoes are Maitreya's Mishima Dawn in Puce, while the belt is the pouch belt in black from Shiny Things.

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