Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going to the party!

The perfect new year brings great new things. And so I conclude this must going to be lovely year. One of the events that proves it, is the launch of the new skinline of LionSkins.

With the arrival of Su their third skinline is born. And this new pupil of LionSkins does keep up the tradition of the explosion of colors that so marks their designs.

It was a party to lock myself in my studio with some of the new goodies. My personal favorite new Su turned out to match perfectly with the new dress of Kunglers (Fantasia - see top pic), giving me the needed outfit to go to the LionSkins launch party at 1pm slt (today, jan 4th).

Also worth mentioning is that the skins come with two different brow options, making the mix 'n matching lot's of fun.

And now, l'm off to the party! What better way to end a sunday then dancing the night away!

Hugs, Noena

pic 1
- SU 10 / ETD Tyra / Kunglers Fantasia
pic 2
- left: SU 1 / ETD Brittany
- top right: SU 2b / ETD Juliana
- bottom right: SU 8 / ETD Elisabeth
pic 3
- top left: SU 9 / ETD Mia
- top right: SU 15 / ETD Tiana
- bottom left: SU 22 / ETD Ginny
- bottom right: SU 30 / Naughty Maya II

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Fury said...

Wow! Beautiful Neona!