Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why You Should Care about hya's Photoshop

One SL(tm)'s most creative beings, hyasynth Tiramisu, is without Photoshop temporarily.

We should care, because her frequent releases flatter our pixels and free our imagination. During this brief hiatus I thought I would show you why hya's work is so valued.

First is a Limited Edition of Violet Noir. I'm a lousy hunter so I bought it from someone selling theirs. As always, hya provides for you on every layer. There is a more modest version of the top, but I love the soft lacey openness. The prims move beautifully, with the violet overskirt complementing the corset. My hair is Lxei, one of the Nyanotech hairstyles from Curious Kitties. My skin is Fleur Shoujo 5 in Lily I believe. The purple flower around the eye suited the whole look I thought.

Second is her latest, Moonchild in Rust. She was sure it was too "goth" for me, but worn with the classic ETD Patricia hairstyle in auburn burnt it becomes a bit tamed. The details on the bodice, the belted straps and the brroch, not to mention the collar and prim ruffle in copper just add to the wonderfulness of Moonchild. The slacks are also belted and visible under the wonderful jacket tails, which have delightful feathery innards. Skin is Fleur Allure Smokin' 3 in Truffle while the boots are Stiletto Moody's Bitch Booties.

Hurry back soon hya -- we want more ....

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