Monday, January 12, 2009

Uncle Wiggily, Part 1

I was inspired to revisit Uncle Wiggily by Sam wearing one of their flexi dresses. What I didn’t realise was that I’d go mad in there and buy loads of dresses.

Part 1 is all the system dresses I picked up, naughty but at such prices how could I resist? Even though system all these dresses are well made with wonderful textures…it would be nice if all system clothes were this well made and thought out. I am a fan of this creator, no doubt about it!


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Smudge 1 in Truffle
Hair: Meryl’s Slim Pixie, Whipped Cream
Eyes: Miriel, Blue Opal (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated eyelashes.

Outfits left to right:

Dress: Uncle Wiggily 49 Vintage Jersey Dress
Shoes: Maitreya, Verve Pumps, Blue

Dress: Uncle Wiggily 51 Teal Rose Dress
Shoes: ETD d’Orsay Stilletto, Random Yellow

Dress: Uncle Wiggily 45 Brown Daises Dress
Shoes: ETD Heel Strap Platforms, Linen (Tinted)

Dress: Uncle Wiggily 53 Chartreuse Silk Dress
Shoes: Juicy Classic Pumps, Banana

Dress: Uncle Wiggily 57 Raspberry Floral Dress
Shoes: ETD Heel Strap Platforms, Red (Tinted)


Samara Barzane said...

The Uncle Wigglys look glorious on you!

Fury said...

awww..ty Sam...I blame you..totally...rofl x

Anonymous said...

wow, these look terrific on you fury! i should warn you that since you stopped by, i raised the prices to 100L/dress and released a few new items... i'll drop you a copy of my newest release as thanks for this gorgy post :) xoxo, esme (uncle wiggily)

Fury said...


Wow! Thank you, such a sweet thing to do. No worries about the prices...I am suprised you haven't done it before :)

Watch out for part