Monday, January 26, 2009


This week we're featuring the Allure Exotique skin at Fleur [now on 50% off sale for a week] and I COULD say my blogpost title is because I could wear Exotique "anytime." But that's not the case.

In a feeble [and totally failed] attempt to clean out my inventory I realized that I had a large number of Last Call items, which, after purchasing both before and during the final sale, I don't wear:( So, since they are available from time to time in yard sales, I thought I'd start blogging some of them.

"Anytime" is one of the first Last Call dresses that I bought. It's a beautifully textured babydoll dress with a beautifully moving skirt and amazingly well-matched pants layer. Even when my hip pokes through it looks fine. Ginny was a genius and is sorely missed.
BUT it's where I am, so I paired it with the black turtleneck from the Tres Blah! Mod outfit, the cigarette pants from Michami's Joanie on the underwear later, minus their primmy bits and with black socks of my making, as well as Kookie's Phoebe shoes in black. Hair is Lily from Truth in whatever color they are calling "pumpkin" now.

Skin is, of course, Fleur Exotique 3 in Truffle.

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