Friday, January 16, 2009

Mondrian anyone?

I had seen some pictures of Dani Harrop's clothes that made me think of the Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, so when I tp-ed over to Dani's Fashions I was looking out for them. She does have a dress that is echt-Mondrian, but I fell for the Retro Plaid dress that I am wearing. For a most reasonable price you get the dress, leggings, belt and sculpty leggings, collar and sleeves.

I decided not to wear the belt as they never look right on me, but the outfit stands nicely without it. One interesting design feature is the skirt, which is 2 prims, non-flexi and I have to say it works nicely. I have always been bothered by clothes that fly into pieces as soon as you walk. I mean, who has seen a flexi trench coat for example ?

Also worn: Richelieux Leathershoes in brown from Polina Kaestner, Raven earrings from Second Mirage, Luth hair in auburn burnt from ETD and, last, but not least, Fleur's Allure Kitten 1 in truffle, appropriately retro for the dress.

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