Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uncle Wiggily, Part 2

After posting Part 1 of this Uncle Wiggily blog I still had to shoot Part 2. Just when I had finished that shoot a lovely surprise and a im was dropped on me by Esme Michigan. She thanked me for the blog…my pleasure…and dropped me her latest release…Uncle Wiggily green quilt dress. So…no choice but to shoot this lovely gift…please see the first shot…me jumping for joy…lol.

In this Part 2, I am covering the flexi dresses that I splurged (well, hardly) on. Again...the textures are superb, the quality excellent and the flexi skirts gorgeous. Guaranteed I will be going back for more!


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur, Holiday Custom Skin (gift)
Hair: ETD, Nadia in Black
Eyes: Miriel, Blue Opal (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated Lashes


Main: Uncle Wiggily 71, Green Quilted Dress
Shoes: Juicy, Classic Pump, Banana

Left to Right:

Outfit: Uncle Wiggily 55, Peony Patchwork Dress
Shoes: AC Vintish Art Yellow Green

Outfit: Uncle Wiggily 58, Ants & Deer Dress
Shoes: AC Sasy Chic l’Air

Outfit: Uncle Wiggily 59, Honeycombe & Deer Dress
Shoes: ETD Strap Platforms, Red

Outfit: Uncle Wiggily 44, Blue Garden Dress
Shoes: ETD Peep Slingbacks (Linen)

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