Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clothing Fair freebie megablog, part one

Oh dear.
Clothing Fair is over, and I've still got my (*coughs*) booty to show! If you didn't have time to go, don't fret: creators have the possibility - if I understood correctly - of placing the RFL vendors at their main stores for us to buy the specials, and I'm sure many of them will. So if you didn't have time to go and buy the RFL items, give it a shot and tp to their stores -- I know, for example, that the Bleeding Heart set from EarthStones is available at their refurbished main store.
In any case, almost all of the outfits on this post are not available any more as far as I know, as I'm going to show off the fair gifts I grabbed (see? booty!) and consider blog-worthy. I'm sure I missed out more than one, as I did all 9 sims in one day, but I wanted to mention a few of them as a way of saying a big THANK YOU! to every single one of the designers who created a free item, as they served both to attract more people to the fair and to increase the chances of raising money for charity.
I've overheard that there's a big debate about whether freebies kill SL economy, but IMHO, if you place a good quality freebie at such an event and include your LM in the folder, chances are you're letting a whole lot of people see the quality of your business and therefore probably attracting them as future customers. But that's just an opinion, and how it works for me. Anyway, clothes!

This first set includes casuals, from left to right:
1. Diversity - Blossom top (guava) *non-free, RFL special*
2. Moonshine - Bacon Tee and LoRise Denim shorts (dark) (comes with a second T-shirt)
3. Zullay - Cynthia (here in blue, also available in coral)
4. eLDee - Treasure Hunter
5. Sn@tch - Friday 13
Shoes, from left to right too: Armidi Gisaci, Enkythings, Detour, Shiny Things, Maitreya

I have called this second set "retro outfits"... you can see why, right? Again, left to right:
1. Devilish Cupcake - Claire Dress (lucky)
2. StoRin - Julia (wearing: top on jacket layer and light skirt)
3. Ingenue - Bye bye baby (plum)
4. StoRin - Julia (wearing: top on top layer, dark skirt and bolero on jacket layer)
5. A Touch of Ireland - Minnie Mouse Outfit (yes! it's supposed to be part of a Minnie costume, but beyond the mouse ears and the gigantic shoes, the dress is actually quite cute and well made)
Shoes: Shiny Things, Maitreya, Armidi Gisaci (same as above), Maitreya again, Tesla

All pictures: free woman's skin from Belleza (available at their store), Truth's Elizabeth 2 in cranberry, pose from LAP and background from Torley Linden's collection of seamless textures on Flickr-- yeah, I'm going through an experimental phase!

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