Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Cassandra

In Ancient Greek Cassandra means "she who entangles men," but there are no tangles here, only tender tendrils in the first hair release from skinner & clothier, Launa Fauna. She acknowledges that there will be some changes en route, but it's looking very good indeed! I am wearing what is now called "red 2."

The rest of my outfit consists of some old and new favorites. I'm wearing Second Wave Apparel's Ruffle Top in Orange, my old standby, the Soft Black Leather Pants from Ibizarre and the HAYSURIZA Earth-wedges. My necklace and earrings are the Spheres in Peridot Necklace & Earrings from Dark Mouse.My skin is Meredith Captivating Copper in Light from Tuli.

Poses are from Dove Swanson's Femal Blogger set offered to those of us who pledged to support our local posemakers :)

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