Monday, March 16, 2009

Reporting from Clothing Fair

Yesterday I was blessed (no kidding!) with a fabulous prize. Did you hear there was a Clothing Fair Contest on Flickr? Well, I did! The requirement was to dress up as pirates and take a picture and then post it *unedited* on the Flickr contest group. Here's the one Keris and I submitted:

As you can imagine, it was great fun to take the picture: getting the clothes at stores we'd never shopped, finding the right spot at sims we'd never visited, learning to speak like pirates, killing all the pirates who got in the middle of picture (oh srsly!), and finally reaching the "Keris, can you please move the sword two millimetres to your right, honey?" phase... *coughs* And then, to round it off, everyone won! (Kudos to Amethyst and Nevar, the organisers, and to the lazy jury!)

The prize consisted of early access to the Clothing Fair sims... early access meaning no lag, no greyness, no crowds... shoppers' heaven! So, 16+ hours before the general public was allowed in, camera on one hand, lindens on the other, we headed off to paradise - which takes up 9 different sims! 8 of them are for shopping, and one is for entertainment... Heaven! And the best thing of it all, I've seen them all! As you probably know already, the fair is pirate themed, so don't wait, rescue your best Jack Sparrow ensemble (but watch your ARC) and head off!

(click on the pictures to view them larger)

A lot of the merchants have already added the special, limited edition RFL items in their shops, and from what I saw I can tell you that many of them revolve around the pirate theme too -- so maybe you'll want to wait to see them before you buy anything -- my personal favourite was Tuli's full ensemble. Nevertheless, I restrained myself from buying any more pirate stuffs, as I'm already served for a couple of seasons -- how do you think I took the pictures in the first place? Rather, I went for "all-year-round" clothing, which I will be showing you in my next few posts. I'm not sure I'll be able to show everything, but I'll try - you know, I had a bout of solidarity... it's not about the clothes, it's about supporting a good cause -- so I supported it A LOT! ;-)

Oh, and one last thing for today. If you go to the entertainment area you will find a good excuse to spend some extra lindens by placing your bid on one of the seven one-of-a-kind dresses on display. Each represents one of the seven deadly sins, and at the end of the silent auction, all proceeds will go to the RFL campaign too. Save Sloth for me, though!

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Samara Barzane said...

Congrats you two! Great pictures..maybe I'll survive the lag eventually!