Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready to Go!

I've gotten to know Clio Cardiff of Pret a Porter on Plurk, but never expected that she would drop such goodies on me. Yes, I'm a blogger, but I'm not on the main feed and I don't go looking for review copies. On the other hand, when a gift is given "just because," the review becomes a real pleasure!

First is Diane in Purple, an elegant ballroom gown. I love the skirt shape, very elegant and, of course, the color and textures are sumptuous. I can't wait for the first Relay for Life Benefit Ball!

I'm wearing Celestial Studios Vogue skin in Winter 1/Champagne. The eyes and lips seemed to have a slightly mauve tint that worked well with the color of the gown. Hair is from Truth, Lesley in Pumpkin-I wish Truth would stop renaming his colors LOL. Jewelry is the Poseidon set in violet from (luc) Fashion Jewelry.

Clio dropped her first sculpty skirt on me yesterday I think and when I popped it on I knew I had the right shoes in Shiny Things' Mary Jane Clogs in Apple Green. [now in their sale room] The dress is Blooming Flower in Rose. The sculpty skirt looks exactly like an upside down flower bell. It works nicely with the shoes and the (luc) Athena Crystals set in a greenish mix. The sleeve cuffs are similarly shaped for an over all feeling of "flowerness."

I am wearing an Adam & Eve skin, Grazia, in tone 2, modded, in the Jade makeup. Hair is Ivy from Truth in Carrot.

Just as her store name is in French, in these outfits I am "ready to go"!

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Clio said...

:) I enjoy very much dropping goodies on pretty ladies!
And I enjoy even more to see they appreciate them;)

P.S: had to get those green clogs you matched to the Blooming Flower ^^