Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So similar, yet so different

This post has been inspired by two different PixelLounge sets that have one piece in common, the skirt, yet the final looks are very far from each other.

This is the first ensemble, which I actually wore a while ago and just showed off on Flickr. I liked it so much, though, that I thought it would be worth rescuing for this blog. It originated with me looking for something to show off what was my newest Fleur skin, a special group gift that members got for the Fleur sim reopening (so it’s no longer available, I’m afraid). It is from the Shoujo DNB line and as you can see it includes some cute little pink flowers framing the eye, so I decided to pick up on that for the rest of the outfit. Unfortunately, being a redhead, I don’t wear pink too often (although it would be fitting in order to say ‘yes!’ against bullying, but I think I can say that in whatever I'm wearing), but I knew I could make it work with pink and black, which is a combination I absolutely love. So, I pulled an ‘out-of-the-box’ with the Princess Set, tights included, and I paired the dress with the Redgrave black boots. (For those interested, both PixelLounge dresses are currently available at the PixelDolls outfit sale, at 50L each.) In order to keep focus on the skin, the only accessory I wore was a paw necklace I got ages ago at a shop called 9 Lifes, which I’m afraid no longer exists. Finally, for hair I picked ETD’s Peyton (in scarlet), which fitted so neatly in order to show off the flowers on the skin, delicately framing the other side of the face.

The second outfit is much more casual (although I’m sure with the right accessories it can look much more formal). In this case I tried to keep my out-of-boxing to a minimum, so I only used the dress from the original set (Embroidered), and for a more casual touch I used completely opaque tights (which could as well have been leggings): the metallic lycra tights from G.L.A.M. (a retired freebie), tinted by moi to match the top, and flat boots – the Shiny Things comfy ones in charcoal. The coverage was a bit unbalanced, so I decided to add something underneath the dress top - first I had the idea of something light and sheer, but I came across this sweater, Eva by Pink Outfitters (black, of course), and I knew it would fit just right, with the neck ruffle adding the touch of lightness I was looking for. Once dressed, it’s time for hair and skin – this time I felt like trying something different, so I cheated. I confess, I’ve been unfaithful... to Fleur. Shame on me, I’m a bad, bad Insider, but I wanted something a bit more punkish and... *coughs* I did some market research with the competition. ;-) I ended up buying one of the Deviant Nation skins (Last Call – Fishnet), which at the moment are still on sale for just 100L, freckled and unfreckled, with complimentary prim lashes. I mean... how could I say no? And finally, on my cheating spiral I went off somewhere else for hair too – as the pictures testify, I was green with envy after seeing how fantabulastic Armidi hair looks on Keris, so I decided to try myself and got me The Roxy (in red, of course).
All poses have been brought to you (once again) by Long Awkward Pose – for the first set I picked random poses from my posing stand; while for the second I only used poses from the Female Blogger set – Dove's token of appreciation towards bloggers, which is also available for sale at her store.

For full outfit details and slurls, check here and here.

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Samara Barzane said...

I LOVE the Eva top also :) Beautiful post!