Monday, March 9, 2009

Save me a waltz ...

The Second Life Relay for Life Kickoff is this Saturday, with the Relay itself being July 18-19. One delight of the Relay season in SL is the many proms and balls. Today I'm sharing two wonderful dresses that I'll be wearing when the occasion prompts.

The first is Marguerite by Clio Cardiff of Pret a Porter. I couldn't decide between the green or the burgundy, but finally decided GREEN! The textures are simple, but luxurious. The drapes on the front add a bit of risk to what is a very open backed bodice and the flowing train has a lovely shape indeed! One of the issues with a high neck for me is that of what jewelry to wear. A necklace tends to look odd, so I chose the Meadowlark set from Balderdash and just repositioned the brooch a bit for good placement. The closeup is to show you a bit of the amazing prim work involved in this delicate, yet substantial brooch. The lovely gloves are included. My hair I discovered through Milla Michinaga and is called Akami from MADDesigns. My skin is a Fleur Shoujo DNB 2 in Azalea.

The second ballgown is a complex creation from Paper Couture. The various parts attach in surprising places, but they all more gloriously on the dance floor. Yes, this one has been "waltz tested" LOL The textures are rich, brocade that is "sequined." The ARC is brutal, but it's worth every tick on the FPS ;) Shoes are from Prim Seduction, Glamour in Silver. Hair is the old ETD Couture, The Knot, with Left Swept Bangs. Since the couture colors were specific to that line, I tinted the bangs in Elika's Brown to make the match. My skin is Celestial Studios Vogue Deviant Nation Drama Queen-Backstab in Champagne.

So bring on those balls --I'm ready to waltz!

Poses are mainly from [LAP] and {flowey}

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Clio said...

hehe, perfect colour for you, that green:) It matches your eyes so well!

And the Paper Couture... let me just say whoaaaaa!!! :D