Friday, March 27, 2009

It's spring time!

Spring quietly arrived while I was busy organising my new clothing fair acquisitions, but the weather has been just glorious these last few days, and I was truly looking forward to dusting off my springy outfits. Today I heard that Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend for us Euros, which means that days get realllly long here in Spain. People spend more time outdoors, indoor cafes get empty and meeting points move outside. The city comes to life.

Of course, one could say that in weatherless SL it is possible to wear summer clothes in mid-December -- and in fact I do sometimes, if the mood strikes. But when it's below zero outside (yes, we get that where I live!) I tend to prefer warm and fuzzy sweaters on SL too, and likewise, if the weather is nice, I'll probably be inclined to choose lighter fabrics.

For my first outfit this season I picked two of my last year's favourites: the Helena shirt and waist sash from Persona, and the Boing Fromage Hot Summer BoHo skirt in beige. The skirt is also available in black, but I just love the summery feel that the beige one transmits. As to the sash, I'm wearing it in pink here, although I bought the fatpack in order to get the full choice of bright and happy colours that really make it stand out as a central piece of the outfit, especially when paired with the black shirt. Gone are the days in which I dreaded saying "see you next year" to my boots, and although I miss them (especially when I see SL toes), I think there's rather nice choice of sandals around the grid that will be just as loved by the end of the summer. Here I'm wearing the Dhali Bow Platforms in bole by Armidi Gisaci.

I have no idea why, but I like turquoises as accessories for the warmer seasons, so for this outfit I was really looking forward to rescuing Zaara's Kaya turquoise bracelet from the bottom of my jewellery folder (obviously, because Z goes last on the alphabet, heh). I also recovered the Treasure earrings from Paper Couture, which I bought on a whim ages ago and then never wore. And finally, to divert attention from the really low cut of the shirt, I added one of the goodies included in the LeLutka gift bag for group members, the Grace pendant by Miabella.

The skin I'm wearing is Deviant Nation's Ether-Nothing in the champagne tone (which you can get at Celestial Studios), hair is ETD's Yvette in scarlet and eyes are Miriel's Quiet Green, with Feather eyelashes. All poses used for the pictures are from LAP... I'm already back to my pre-blogger pack ones, I think I prefer them for the attitude they have. Oh, and since I'm still on my experimental phase with picture backdrops, I went a step further and borrowed a springy photo, then edited it.

See full credits on my Flickr. For store slurls, check here.

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