Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clothing Fair freebie megablog, part two

Yay! I've reached the last one of my Clothing Fair posts, I have no more pictures left besides the ones I'll show you today (that's not too bad, I just finished 3 days late!) and will get back to normal blogging soon... I'm enjoying these chronicles a lot, but at the same time I'm aware that, since I'm mostly dealing with outfits that are not available any more, these posts could be considered irrelevant to some extent. Anyways, I've included two dresses that are still on sale, so you may want to pay attention to these.

For this post I've collected all the formals that I got hold of, so if you compare with my previous post, you can see the variety of styles that were available. First off are the two RFL specials from Nicky Ree, which you can now get at the Tropical Orchid main store, and in the middle, a fair freebie:
1. Nicky Ree - Satin shine in lime
2. Indyra Originals - Paulina (golden)
3. Nicky Ree - Satin shine in steel

And to round up, three lovely gowns for the more formal occasions:
1. Kouse's Sanctum - Constanze Relay Fair Gift (which even includes jewellery!)
2. Ookami Ningen - Durga's Promise (ultraviolet, worn with opaque skirt)
3. Sysy's RFL 2009 Faith Gown

Not bad, huh?

Oh, and I nearly forgot... credits for hair, skin and pose are in the previous post, but I should mention that the shoes shown with the Indyra dress are Maitreya's Grace heels in black.

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What a labor of love.