Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Friday Mashups!

I started this post Tuesday and the title, "Two Tuesday Mashups," was better than this one, but life conspired. It's Friday and that will have to do.

In the first one I am wearing my first Skin Flicks outfit, the Georgette Blouse and slacks. To complement the orange and rust of the blouse I am wearing ETD's Camille in Auburn Burnt and Elika's Kristin booties in Spice. I've yet to find a color that I don't like these boots in.My Fleur Allure skin is Exotique 3 in Truffle. Jewelry is Lucas Lameth's Feuille Naturelle in Silver & Forest.

In the second mashup I am wearing all of Dani's Fine Fashion's Plaid Retro Dress *except* the belt and skirt. The scrunched up legging bottoms are pretty nice:) Earrings are Coccoon's Cradle, skin is Celestial Studios Deviant Nation Vamp-Beguile in Champagne. Hair is the old ETD Couture, The Knot, with Left Swept Bangs. Since the couture colors were specific to that line, I tinted the bangs in Elika's Brown to make the match. Shoes are my ever-faithful Heel Strap Platforms from ETD. If the Lindens evere were to say, "you have to move to a new grid and you can only take one pair of shoes with you," these would be it ;)

Here endeth the Friday mashups :)

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