Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love me, love my boots

Hello again, my friends! With spring around the corner (at least here in Spain), the dreaded day is slowly approaching in which I will have to toss my boots and welcome sandals again... so I bought a new pair – but it all came to pass by accident, I promise.

Let me tell you what happened: I was looking for furniture for our new home (Keris and I have finally moved in together!), and XStreet kept bringing the slouchy Lya’s Valentina boots among the results. Why? I don’t know. Coincidence? Destiny? Good marketing? Whatever, I’m an easy girl when we talk about boots, so I didn’t think twice and bought them in rust. My five cents: wonderful textures upon sculpty perfection, even though they’re no mod and they don’t come with a resize script. Given the chance, I would have shrunk them a bit, but hey, I won’t complain, their beauty makes up for that.

What really started this ensemble was Zaara’s Kashmiri shawl, which I had been trying to combine for ages, always ending somewhat unconvinced with the results. Finally I resolved that pairing it with neutrals would highlight the embroidery, so I dug out my inventory and found my long lost Maitreya Mirli sweater in brown – it comes with three cami options, but you can’t really see which one I was wearing (soft green).

Blue jeans complete the outfit – the Destroyed Wash version by Celestial Studios, strategically worn out to dress me down a bit.In that spirit, I kept accessories to a minimum, opting instead for be-hatted hair – the lovely Morgan from Truth (ok, I bought like 20 hairstyles at the 50L sale and I’m planning to show them all). The cap comes with a retexturing script, so I chose green for that too. Last but not least I added Maitreya’s sculpted Old Leather Belt in dark brown, an old group gift which is now available at their store.

As for the rest, can you guess? Correct! The skin is a Fleur, more specifically, the clean-faced, almost-no-makeup DNB Shoujo 3; while the eyes (mossy rock) and lashes (natural) are from Miriel. For a change, the poses used are Juicy’s Model 5 (group gift), Torridwear’s Free Model Poses and, on the second picture, Fashion S5 from Reel Expression (not free).

Full outfit credits and store locations on my Flickr.


Samara Barzane said...

WEll I love you MORE than your boots LOL And we need traffic managment for the Photosphere I think *grins* [just joking]

Elaine Lisle said...

yeah, we need to arrange visiting hours for me :-p