Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sunday Blog-a-thon--Michami: Part II

And now we have the Noomi Jacket from Milla Michinaga for her Michami label. Now I have NOT been a fan of sculpty open jackets up until now, but Milla has banished all those concerns.

Not only has she provided two presized options for the prims, but also ones with a resize script that works beautifully! She dropped me the fat pack out of the blue so I just popped it on with pretty much what I was wearing at the moment. I chose the jacket in Camel so you could see the sculpty goodness of these prims. My top is also Michami, the Laila in Cream. My trousers are Persona's Itaparica in Brown, boots are from Tesla, the Hylda in Brown. My hair is Ivy from Truth in Apricot and my skin is a Shojo DNB 2 in Azalea from Fleur. Both Milla and Myllie are generous with the layers they provide so you can make many choices in your layering.

But the other "newness" in this post is the Charms Necklace from Bonita Popinjay. I bought the earrings and loved them, but the necklace looked a little sparse--so we chatted and I suggested that she just add an earring or two to the necklace and voilà it was done and she gave it to me. Bonita goes on my "really nice" creator" list for sure! Do look at the picture in the large size to see how the earrings were added in. I'm thrilled!

Poses are from my old pose ball and include ones from [LAP], the dreaded *MM* poses, some of Ana Lutetia's early poses and heaven knows what else!

Here endeth the Michami part of The Sunday Blog-a-thon ;)

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Milla Michinaga said...

woot!!! thank you sweetie! I love seeing you in all the old and new outfits <333