Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sunday Blog-a-thon--Michami Mash

This post includes two mashups that include at least one Michami item :) I'd make you guess, but then it would be a short post ;) And you will also see how bad a blogger I have been.

The first outfit was made to show off the Fleur Vain Valentine Hunt skin that is no longer available :( I'm wearing it in Allure's darkest tone, sable, to show off the sparkles. My slacks are Ibizarre Basic Red Sequin Pants. I'm not sure if they are still available or not as I picked up the fatpack at her amazing sale a while back. Shoes are Aoharu's Jeweled High Heels in Red. And ............ yup the top is Michami's Laila in Cream. I'm not sure which bra I am wearing underneath, but you can see the lace peeking in any case. Hair is Truth's Elizabeth 2 in ... ummm I'm not exactly sure, probably Carrot.

My second mashup began with another goodie from the Vain Hunt from Ibizarre. I'm just wearing the Siv Sequin Dress in Copper and the wonderful black scarf, which I want in many, many colors. I hope Anyusha is listening! My heels are Moody's Elegant Slingback in Rose Gold. In this case I like the red soles peeking out. And ............... which is from Michami? Can you guess ?

Hair is Truth's Elizabeth 2 in Auburn. The skin is the Limited Release Fleur Allure Valentine Red skin in Truffle.

Still can't guess? Ok my leggings are from Michami's Glitter Tube & Leggings in Black.

Poses are from my old pose ball and include ones from [LAP], the dreaded *MM* poses, some of Ana Lutetia's early poses and heaven knows what else!

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Elaine Lisle said...

Milla was already an excellent blogger, but then she went beyond herself when she started creating clothes... I think she made a very wise decision!
When she opened MichaMi she totally knew what she was doing (perfect texturing, tons of layers and options, etc.), and each new release shows how capable she is of pushing her level of expertise to the limit, because she only gets better and better.
So, I totally agree with every single word you've said. Enough for now, I'll blog it :-p