Monday, March 2, 2009


I was talking with Lucas Lameth in IM and nagging him for some newness and then, WOW, he dropped Undine and Maya II on me. Can we say we are bowled over, thrilled and about to pass out from delight? Not only is it newness, but it is MAJORLY wonderful.

On the left is Undine, available in three different crystal colors and the metal is color change by touch. It's all wonderful, but I especially love the teardrop on the earrings. On the right is Maya II. I can see the resemblance, but it is in my opinion a whole 'nuther ball game. The shape, the gold overlays and the colors available are not your grandmother's Maya. This is the set in Rainbow Opal. The other choices include Bluestone, Green Silica, Onyx and Red Carnelian. Perhaps one of the reasons I am so taken by this set is that I would do many things to acquire this look in RL.

What else I am wearing is minor in comparison, but it includes Celestial Studios Deviant Nation Vogue Skin Vamp-Beguile in Champagne, ETD's Aiiyanna in Auburn Burnt and Nicky Ree's Brenda in Pink.

I think Lucas is baaaaaaaaaaack :)

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