Saturday, March 21, 2009

Highlights from Clothing Fair, Vol. 4

Next stop: Icing. I couldn't leave out one of my favourite creators on this tour of the Clothing Fair! The dress shown here is called Dame de Lotus - I picked the grey version, but it's also available in red at the fair (more precisely, on sim #4). Adding an Asian touch, the outfit includes the parasol depicted, which comes with its own holding animation. Also from the fair is Alienbear's Zivanit Necklace RFL 2009, which you can buy on sim #3 at a very special price, and which I personally find awesome. Nicely fitting were Dark Mouse's RFL pink tourmaline stud earrings in silver, which belong with the necklace I showed on Highlight vol.2 but I didn't show back then. You won't find these at the fair, but at the Dark Mouse main store. The last piece from the Clothing fair in this ensemble is the bracelet - it was part of the Kouse's Sanctum Constanze set, which is free and you will find on sim #5.
Other items shown are, in no particular order: hair from Truth (Natalia in Cranberry), skin from Celestial Studios (Purple-Smoky in the champagne skintone), shoes from Zhao Shoes (Sadie, an old hunt gift), eyes from Miriel (Aquamarine) and poses from [LAP] (blogger appreciation pack).
The fair closes its doors tomorrow, so if you like any of these items, hurry!

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